Lewis MacKinnon

Lewis MacKinnon is a singer, musician, and poet born in Inverness, Cape Breton, and raised in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. A Nova Scotia Gael who speaks Gaelic and is learning Irish language, Lewis has released two albums--one of Gaelic songs, A’ Seo / Here (2006) and one of English songs, Making More of It (2010)--and four books of poems, Famhair: Agus Dàin Ghàidhlig Eile / Giant: And Other Gaelic Poems (2008), Fleodragan-cabair / Raft (2012), Rudan Mì-bheanailteach is an Cothroman, Dàin / Intangible Possibilities, Poems (2014) and Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking (2017).  Living with his family in Middle Sackville, Lewis works to advance Gaels’ language, culture and identity in Nova Scotia, Canada, and internationally.