Jackie O'Riley

Jackie O'Riley is not a typical Irish dancer. Having come to the tradition from Irish set, or social dancing, her formative years were far from the competitive step dancing entry point of many dancers.  Over the past decade and a half, she has ardently sought out traditional Irish music and dance, specifically old-style or traditional step dancing, sean-nós dance, and set dancing. Jackie is now a highly regarded performer and teacher, with a unique repertoire that includes older steps she’s collected from masters and field footage, and original material she’s composed.  She performs and teaches across the US, and has performed in Canada and Ireland.  Jackie founded, directs, and teaches O’Riley Irish Dance, a unique non-competitive dance program for kids and teens now in its 7th year. Above all, she believes deeply in prioritizing musicality in dancing, being a part of the wider musical and traditional community, and maintaining the joy that drew her to the tradition in the first place.