Glenn Coolen

A native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Glenn Coolen is one of Canada's top whistle/pipers. Known for a fast, wild and quixotic style, a vast repertoire and musical innovation, Glenn is sought after as a studio artist, performer, session leader, producer and mixing engineer throughout Atlantic Canada. His principal instruments are uilleann pipes, Scottish small pipes, Highland bagpipes, whistles and low whistles.

Glenn began playing Scottish Highland bagpipes with the Dartmouth Boys Pipe and Drum Band at age nine, eventually becoming pipe major for the Dartmouth Boys, Dartmouth and District (Grade 2) and Clan Sutherland (Grade 2) Pipe Bands. In his teens, while competing solo piping competitions around North America, he began exploring Scandinavian and Irish music, and picked up whistles, small pipes, low whistles, guitar, and bass, and also began writing music. His musical travels and performances in 39 countries - especially Tibet, India, Mongolia, and Scandinavia - influenced his musical explorations.

To date, Glenn has published 90 musical works and produced several CDs. In his 30's, Glenn picked up uilleann pipes and Irish flute, and today, he is one of the most sought-after Irish session players in Eastern Canada.