Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our workshops.

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What is Re-Jigged about? +

RE-JIGGED is all about learning, sharing and exploring new directions in traditional Celtic music and dance. From beginner through to advanced levels, our welcoming workshops are designed to help you learn new techniques, discover new connections and find your own unique style.

Give me the basics +

  • Workshops are open to adults and children aged 11 years and up, unless otherwise noted.
  • No prior experience necessary for beginner-level classes.
  • For music classes, you'll need to bring your own instruments.
  • For step dance classes, bring shoes with smooth leather, hard-soled soles.
  • Recording devices are permitted and encouraged; as a courtesy, however, always check with your instructor first.

How many workshops can I take? +

The hard part is deciding between all the great workshops on offer. If the schedule works, take two or even three workshops! Re-Jigged's PROMO codes for adult and student workshop discounts make it simple and affordable.

Do I need experience to take a workshop? +

Every workshop is designed with a certain kind of participant in mind. Workshop descriptions will specify:

  • BEGINNER: no previous experience
  • NOVICE: some basic experience
  • INTERMEDIATE: several years of experience
  • ADVANCED: a high level of ability with many years of experience
  • OPEN: all levels of experience welcome; no experience necessary

Where's the registration desk? +

Everyone has to register at Christ Church Hall on the corner of Ochterloney and Dundas Streets. From there, we'll direct you to your workshop venue, which won't be more than a five minute walk.

When can I check in? +

Registration desk opens at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Please try to arrive one-half hour before your class starts.

How can I contact Re-Jigged? +