Exploring New Directions
in Celtic Musical Tradition

RE-JIGGED is an independent festival in Nova Scotia celebrating new directions in music and dance, based in the rich history of the Celtic musical tradition. 

RE-JIGGED showcases and nurtures the best emerging and established local talent alongside national and international independent music and dance in the genre of “new trad” (traditional) Celtic music.

Here, sean-nós meets nua-nós: old styles converge and connect with the new. Join us for three days of discovering, sharing and collaborating as we explore contemporary creations alongside the age-old through workshops, sessions and performances.

So discover as many amazing bands and artists as you can. Learn or improve your skills during our workshops. Come prepared to be wowed by our amazing line-up of concert performers, and take to the floor yourself at our late-night ceilidh.

Creating tomorrow's traditions

What made an anonymous Celtic tune last 400 years or more?  How do traditional steps and rhythms inform contemporary dance styles?  What makes “new trad” traditional?

Atlantic Canada - and Nova Scotia, in particular - is famous for its traditional Scots and Irish heritage,  especially in the heart of Gaelic Cape Breton. Today, vibrant contemporary Celtic music and dance scenes are thriving, building on these deep roots to create tomorrow’s traditions.

In RE-JIGGED, our many communities of musicians, dancers and trad/new trad fans enjoy a single new creative voice and venue for these kinds of explorations.

Who we are

RE-JIGGED is a project of The New Trad Society, a provincially incorporated non-profit society:

  • Glenn Coolen – Multi-instrumentalist/ performer/ instructor. Festival founder and artistic director.

  • Patricia Murray – Gaelic & traditional folk singer/ performer/ instructor

  • Elizabeth MacDonald – Traditional dancer/ instructor and communications consultant

  • Laurie Gillis – Event organizer

  • Mark Gillis – Business owner

  • Ellen MacPhee – Smallpipes performer/ instructor and chiropractor

  • Troy Yeo, C.A. – Treasurer and business owner

  • Elliott Lehman – Business owner

  • Lewis MacKinnon – Office of Gaelic Affairs/ musician

  • Christine Donnelly-Moan – Writer and editor/ student of the concertina

  • Shannon Quinn – Musician/ entrepreneur/ performer/ instructor